What’s access control system management software and what does it do?

Door Access Control System Management Software according to the industry experts is considered to be a reliable, powerful security management tool that is being used by industries across the globe. This particular system is considered to be proven to be useful in several challenging environments including a variety of industries. Its detailed open architecture design is what allows full control over auditing, alarm monitoring, and reporting. It is also backed by experienced and certified personnel to engineer, design and deploy the end product. Contacting the reputed companies can help to derive quick access control software download.

1, Scalable and flexible security solutions

The well-established professionals do understand the specific requirements of their clients and accordingly adapt and grow with them. The software can be configured precisely to fit any size installation with great ease and offer an unlimited number of client workstation support, as well as users and cardholders.  Its flexibility also helps to support card technologies and access readers of all types. The single enterprise server, unlike the competition, is in a position to control doors in thousands and also eliminate the need for expensive regional server environments. Moreover, the intuitive user interface is designed to be customized effortlessly to meet specific client management levels and control. On the other hand, its integrated credential production system software provides easy access design, print and customizes identity badges.

2, About open architecture design

Doing some research can help to know in details about the requirements and also to avail access control software free. The reputed company’s commitment towards providing open architecture along with open protocol design does assure IT and security managers to configure even the most comprehensive of all systems to meet easily the client’s specific security requirements. Its power is improved further through advanced security hardware integration, which is the most adapted of all access control panels.

3, Seamless integration

Seamless integration is offered using the leading 3rd party products, which includes visitor management, electronic readers/locks, biometrics, video management, etc.

4, Comprehensive alarm management

The experts conclude that effective security solution stands for quick verification and response. With fully secured, single enterprise server configuration and redundant database, the system allows multiple data entry locations and responses. Also, the comprehensive alarm system management works to meet the facility’s unique needs and places power in the user’s hands.

5, Features available

  • Backup options: Three backup server options are provided, namely, hot, warm and cold that could be used along with security management software to ensure optimum security if there is noticed primary-server hardware failure.
  • Alarm notification: The SMTP interface device users are notified through pager or email. Alarm notification feature could be configured for registered users.
  • TIME: Badge transactions are collected to ensure timely reporting. It supports basic pairing of ‘Out’ and ‘In’ transactions that are gathered at designated readers for the designated badge holders.
  • Video management: The latest video management system is offered with top quality video analytics. Also is provided seamless integration to access control software. Its easy interface does allow selected security monitors and cameras to get associated with specific alarms, as the alarm gets activated to offer real-time videos of an alarm occurrence. Also is interfaced other manufacturers for providing enhanced facilities.
  • Digital video tagging: The system’s digital recording feature tagging of alarms to record audio or video. Recorded video, associated with the alarm can be played using the access control software that offers video playback before the alarm occurrence.
  • Elevator control:” It helps to control access of the badge holders to elevator floors and also allows the users to have better control over elevator floor state.
  • Domains: The system does offer restricting commanding privileges exclusively for specific objects that are defined within the system, like doors, badges, alarms, access, etc.  For example, if without optional domain feature, the user is provided permission for unlocking doors, then he/she will have the ability to unlock any system door with ease. Optional Domain features within the access control software permit restriction of specific doors for several specified users, thereby restricting door control, which are not included within the user’s domain.
  • Extended field-edit logging: The track edits which are made to the security badge tends to records in the system and saves changed value from the grid, field or remove/add list. The report can be run by the operators to view necessary changes made to the badge records.
  • Events archive: It offers storage and reporting abilities for a long-term that is even beyond the system’s normal capacity.
  • Imageworks: It is integrated completely in the system to allow badge design, direct badge painting and image capture from the system application.
  • Field by field permissions: User’s ability is restricted to view particular fields in the system’s pass setup window and badge setup window. It becomes possible for the administrators to configure edit, view and/or view the caption privileges allowed for operators for specific fields.

A thorough research is sure to throw up plenty of options and come across the best access control software price.

What’s access control power supply and What does it do?

Meeting the access control power supply unit needs implies having access to control systems door suppliers and managers. This includes supporting the optical power supplies according to the door access control system and to make it more competitive.

This is mainly for the access control system applications, that is in combination with the actual access control system experience of project engineering, to share in the selection of actual project, how to judge the access control power supply of the door.

1, Best Factors

The necessity is with operating power to have the access control systems as it can be installed by locksmiths. DC (Direct Current) power is essential and the audit-trail at the head-end system is stored and processed. DC power is required so that the modems operate in carrying data from a large building from one side to the other, from high rise structures top to bottom, throughout the settings of a large campus, from the city one end to the other, across the nations from the globe end to the other.  The National Broadband Infrastructure is an integral part and it is proven adept to move the data from a protected site to the point of control respectively. There are many advances throughout the years in accessing control technology and the effectiveness will be at the day end.

2, Why is it required

The control power supply is required to operate all the electronic access control system of all the aspects. The door controllers connect their central processing unit head-end or the various devices enveloping the system-active doors. There are more power supplies prowling in the background. It includes pushbutton door releases, egress motion detectors, card readers, door security switches, keypads, and fobs.

Power supplies are required as it may be electrified as locking hardware such that the purpose is to control and regulate the foot traffic into institutional, commercial, and private multi-tenant buildings. The electrified locking hardware instances include electric door strikes (EDS), electric bolt locks (EBLs), and electromagnetic locks (EMLs).

In the buildings and outdoor parking lots, the power supplies provide ways whereby the hydraulic and motorized gates can be operated, along with their controllers, such that you can operate on a daily basis. The gate controllers operate using the power supplies of 12VDC or 24VDC, where the gates operate from 120VAC or 240VAC. As the installer, you can choose any of the two used.

There are intelligent and conventional power supplies, the latter provides devices that require power to the network. This includes PoE (Power over Ethernet)-based applications in use where the network equipment is powered in a network setting using the same cable carrying access data.

3, What is it?

Regarding electronic security, identification or the automated system allows entry, authorization, restriction or access of a user to a particular area.

The access controls are required for a practical security solution employed at all corporate levels. However, it is across the solution that it is applied to a different niche or market segments such as educational complexes, corporate buildings, government buildings, industrial facilities and residential and commercial different types of horizontal property. Of course, the system complexity for each sector depends on the requirements and needs of each market.

The access controls are in three types:

  • Autonomous access control systems
  • Network access control systems
  • Autonomous Convertible access control systems

Access control systems are of two types, Offline and Centralized

The offline is the cheapest and simple to install and maintain. Each door is installed using a combined device, that is a controller with a reader. This system is suitable and appropriate for indoors. For instance, separating the office part is made inevitable from the building administrative part so that the client zone does not enter unnecessarily.


Monitoring in real time the opening of doors. Security guards can be done on a separate monitor so that they see the building plan with the marked doors and also consider the opening alarm of the door.

The control center offers single access so that there is access to include a new employee, remove a dismissed employee, or to change the objects access. This is sufficient to count on the panel of the administrator.

There is a high level of safety and so the autonomous system allows opening the reader and this does not allow the contacts simple closing of opening the door. In fact, substitution of the reader does not give anything. In case there is a fire alarm, the doors of the security officer get unlocked and all the other door opening is automatically logged.  Through this, you can know about a particular employee also and his work such as:


The access control system in the door is implemented by the company making it possible to precisely define the access for employees reaching particular parts. Thus, it reduces the hardware loss risk and the unauthorized access risk to confidential information.

What’s electric bolt lock and electric bolt lock installation?

Electric blot lock for glass door is an excellent way to replace the traditional key-based locking system that the thieves have mastered to break. It will also be useful to add in other automation features such as remote unlocking or locking. Even though these are mostly used in cars and other vehicles, the newly emerged security providers do offer electronic and electric door locks that can improve safety at the home and businesses.

1, Protecting the premises

A bolt or latch is created to cross opening present between the door side and the doorframe in any door lock type. This is to prevent access to unknown strangers and thieves. It can be in the form of ‘spring bolt’ held to its pace with the help of springs and allowing closure of the door, however, not reopen when locked. ‘Deadbolt’ as it is known is much more secure and stays in its place until it is unlocked manually. Locking and unlocking in both the cases are achieved through rotation of the visible element which is key in lock cylinder or knob, so as to move the latch or bolt.

2, How different it is from congenital key locks?

The frameless glass door electric lock is very much different from that of the traditional key locks. The latter is found to use some kind of pin & tumbler variation method, where lock cylinder gets held in its place with small metal pin lines and each comprising of lower and upper half. As the key gets inserted and then turned, there is created an uneven ‘serrated’ edge, to ensure a certain distance is moved by each in. it is only when each pin moves enough to develop straight separation between the pins’ lower and upper halves that the cylinder can be turned.

3, Functioning

Electronic door locks tend to involve ‘actuators’, parts that connect cylinder or bolt to a small motor which again is buried completely within the frame or door. An electrical impulse controls the motor and is triggered in different ways. It is done by a keypad, electronic card reader or wireless remote-control sensor. The drop bolt lock glass door, either way, gets configured, so as to start motor driven actuator after receipt of correct electronic input.

The truth is that every locking method comes with its own pros and cons, which needs to be understood clearly. Physical keys like handheld remotes, key cards, and metal keys are prone to damage and getting lost. On the other hand, someone unknown might memorize or learn the numerical key codes or it can be forgotten. Whenever necessary the user can easily, quickly and effortlessly change the key codes. For those purely electronic based door locks, frequent power failures, trips, and outages can be a real pain, causing the doors to remain unlocked or locked until the restoration of electricity.

There can be found some combination of electronic and physical locking control on similar same door for the majority of the electronic door locks. For example, the physical key may be present for emergency backup and setup. However, the person may use keypad or remote to unlock and lock the door regularly. It offers extra convenience, comfort and enhanced safety, including greater functionality at all times.

Electric lock for glass door with sophisticated and advanced automated system can be remotely monitored and controlled. With cars, it means that the doors can be locked and unlocked, to start the engine or pop the engine away at a distance from the vehicle. In case, of businesses and homes, it means much more! It is possible to program the automated systems to lock doors during set times of the day for greater security. Smartphones, when downloaded with remote monitoring apps, do allow viewing of the premises from anywhere in the world to check all doors present and to close the unlocked ones remotely. During worse cases, the doors can be unlocked remotely to allow police and fire personnel to enter if any unwanted emergency situation occurs, when the whole family is away.

4, Making the right choice

It is necessary to understand that electronic frameless glass door electric lock is not offered with remote monitoring in every home security package. It is the reputed, cutting edge providers who can support such advanced automated functionality. Hence, it will be useful to do some research to find about the different types of sophisticated locks available in the market and buy them only from reputed and well-known companies to ensures enhanced safety of the place and to lead worry and tension-free life.

How do magnetic door locks work and magnetic door lock installation?

About electromagnetic locks for doors and gates

Maglock or the electromagnetic lock is considered to be a locking device comprising of an armature plate and an electromagnet. They are of two types. The locking devices can either be ‘fail secure’ or ‘fail-safe’. The former type remains locked even when power is not there. The fail-safe type is unlocked if de-energized. The direct pull locks are fail-safe. The lock’s electromagnet portion is typically attached to a door frame, while the door is attached with the mating armature plate. As the door gets closed, both the components come in contact with one another. As there is energizing of the electromagnet, there is passed current via the electromagnet, thus generating magnetic flux. This, in turn, causes attraction of the electromagnet by the armature plate, thereby developing locking action. Since armature and electromagnet mating are is large, the magnetic flux developed force is very strong to ensure that the door remains locked even during stress.

The typical magnetic lock system for gates is found in 1200 lbs and 600 lbs dynamic holding force capacity. Power is required for the fail-safe type to stay locked all the time. High-security applications should not use this type since the lock can be disabled easily by power supply disruption. Apart from this, if the lock is added with a magnetic bond sensor and power supply which includes battery backup ability is used, then it becomes possible to implement few specialized high-security applications. Such locks are termed to be just perfect to be used for emergency exit doors having fire safety applications. This is because, no moving parts are present in them and hence, the chances to fail is very less, when compared to other electric lock types like electric strikes.

1, Strength and durability

When compared to conventional door locks, the magnetic lock access control does have good strength and also are more affordable to operate. The typical electromagnetic lock system comes installed with additional release hardware pieces. As these locks are not found to interact with the door knobs or levers, there is mounted a separate type of release button to cut off the power supply. A timer is present in the button, which pressed once unlocks for about 15-30 seconds. For unlocking the door on egress door side automatically, there is a present crash bar or motion sensor with an internal switch.

2, Principle

The principle that is behind the magnetic lock system for gates is to lock the door by using electromagnetism when energized. Holding force needs to be collinear with load, while the armature plate and lock to ensure the optimal operation is to be kept face to face.

3, Its operation

Some basic electromagnetism concepts are relied upon by the magnetic lock for proper functioning. An electromagnet is present that attracts conductor having force sufficient enough to ensure that the door does not open. A magnetic field is produced by the current that moves through loops of wire also called solenoid in the device, which works within free space. However, with solenoid wrapped around the ferromagnetic core like soft iron, the field effect is amplified greatly. The reason is, the material’s internal magnetic domains tend to align with one another to improve immensely density of the magnetic flux.

4, Installation process

For both out-swinging and in-swinging doors, the electromagnetic locks for doors are found to be quite compatible and useful. To orient, armature to be utilized with both the applications, there can be used brackets like L, LZ, and U type. Also are used filler plates to assure the door frame of having flat and large mounting area, if the electromagnet is found to be much larger than available mounting door frame space, because of frame geometry.

It is on the door’s secure side that installation of the magnetic look should be done, with the majority being surface mounted. Also needs to be routed wires, cables, and magnetic lock through flush mount or door frame with wire molding for enhanced safety.

The installation process is very easy. In case, of in-swinging applications, it is installed in the door’s opening corner at door header. Vertical installation in door opening can also be done if furnished with full-length housing. The armature configuration is bolted through a door as well as oriented towards mating with electromagnet face. To offer better locking holding force, electromagnet and armature plate are to touch.

For out-swinging applications, it is on the door header side that electromagnet gets installed. The armature in this configuration gets mounted upon Z shaped bracket to orient armature towards mating electromagnet.

It can be safely stated that magnetic locks has always been part of the advanced electronic security system and comprises of keycard reader or be much more complex to include the connection with the central computer. This helps to monitor and improve overall building security.