What’s access control system management software and what does it do?

Door Access Control System Management Software according to the industry experts is considered to be a reliable, powerful security management tool that is being used by industries across the globe. This particular system is considered to be proven to be useful in several challenging environments including a variety of industries. Its detailed open architecture design is what allows full control over auditing, alarm monitoring, and reporting. It is also backed by experienced and certified personnel to engineer, design and deploy the end product. Contacting the reputed companies can help to derive quick access control software download.

1, Scalable and flexible security solutions

The well-established professionals do understand the specific requirements of their clients and accordingly adapt and grow with them. The software can be configured precisely to fit any size installation with great ease and offer an unlimited number of client workstation support, as well as users and cardholders.  Its flexibility also helps to support card technologies and access readers of all types. The single enterprise server, unlike the competition, is in a position to control doors in thousands and also eliminate the need for expensive regional server environments. Moreover, the intuitive user interface is designed to be customized effortlessly to meet specific client management levels and control. On the other hand, its integrated credential production system software provides easy access design, print and customizes identity badges.

2, About open architecture design

Doing some research can help to know in details about the requirements and also to avail access control software free. The reputed company’s commitment towards providing open architecture along with open protocol design does assure IT and security managers to configure even the most comprehensive of all systems to meet easily the client’s specific security requirements. Its power is improved further through advanced security hardware integration, which is the most adapted of all access control panels.

3, Seamless integration

Seamless integration is offered using the leading 3rd party products, which includes visitor management, electronic readers/locks, biometrics, video management, etc.

4, Comprehensive alarm management

The experts conclude that effective security solution stands for quick verification and response. With fully secured, single enterprise server configuration and redundant database, the system allows multiple data entry locations and responses. Also, the comprehensive alarm system management works to meet the facility’s unique needs and places power in the user’s hands.

5, Features available

  • Backup options: Three backup server options are provided, namely, hot, warm and cold that could be used along with security management software to ensure optimum security if there is noticed primary-server hardware failure.
  • Alarm notification: The SMTP interface device users are notified through pager or email. Alarm notification feature could be configured for registered users.
  • TIME: Badge transactions are collected to ensure timely reporting. It supports basic pairing of ‘Out’ and ‘In’ transactions that are gathered at designated readers for the designated badge holders.
  • Video management: The latest video management system is offered with top quality video analytics. Also is provided seamless integration to access control software. Its easy interface does allow selected security monitors and cameras to get associated with specific alarms, as the alarm gets activated to offer real-time videos of an alarm occurrence. Also is interfaced other manufacturers for providing enhanced facilities.
  • Digital video tagging: The system’s digital recording feature tagging of alarms to record audio or video. Recorded video, associated with the alarm can be played using the access control software that offers video playback before the alarm occurrence.
  • Elevator control:” It helps to control access of the badge holders to elevator floors and also allows the users to have better control over elevator floor state.
  • Domains: The system does offer restricting commanding privileges exclusively for specific objects that are defined within the system, like doors, badges, alarms, access, etc.  For example, if without optional domain feature, the user is provided permission for unlocking doors, then he/she will have the ability to unlock any system door with ease. Optional Domain features within the access control software permit restriction of specific doors for several specified users, thereby restricting door control, which are not included within the user’s domain.
  • Extended field-edit logging: The track edits which are made to the security badge tends to records in the system and saves changed value from the grid, field or remove/add list. The report can be run by the operators to view necessary changes made to the badge records.
  • Events archive: It offers storage and reporting abilities for a long-term that is even beyond the system’s normal capacity.
  • Imageworks: It is integrated completely in the system to allow badge design, direct badge painting and image capture from the system application.
  • Field by field permissions: User’s ability is restricted to view particular fields in the system’s pass setup window and badge setup window. It becomes possible for the administrators to configure edit, view and/or view the caption privileges allowed for operators for specific fields.

A thorough research is sure to throw up plenty of options and come across the best access control software price.

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