What’s electric bolt lock and electric bolt lock installation?

Electric blot lock for glass door is an excellent way to replace the traditional key-based locking system that the thieves have mastered to break. It will also be useful to add in other automation features such as remote unlocking or locking. Even though these are mostly used in cars and other vehicles, the newly emerged security providers do offer electronic and electric door locks that can improve safety at the home and businesses.

1, Protecting the premises

A bolt or latch is created to cross opening present between the door side and the doorframe in any door lock type. This is to prevent access to unknown strangers and thieves. It can be in the form of ‘spring bolt’ held to its pace with the help of springs and allowing closure of the door, however, not reopen when locked. ‘Deadbolt’ as it is known is much more secure and stays in its place until it is unlocked manually. Locking and unlocking in both the cases are achieved through rotation of the visible element which is key in lock cylinder or knob, so as to move the latch or bolt.

2, How different it is from congenital key locks?

The frameless glass door electric lock is very much different from that of the traditional key locks. The latter is found to use some kind of pin & tumbler variation method, where lock cylinder gets held in its place with small metal pin lines and each comprising of lower and upper half. As the key gets inserted and then turned, there is created an uneven ‘serrated’ edge, to ensure a certain distance is moved by each in. it is only when each pin moves enough to develop straight separation between the pins’ lower and upper halves that the cylinder can be turned.

3, Functioning

Electronic door locks tend to involve ‘actuators’, parts that connect cylinder or bolt to a small motor which again is buried completely within the frame or door. An electrical impulse controls the motor and is triggered in different ways. It is done by a keypad, electronic card reader or wireless remote-control sensor. The drop bolt lock glass door, either way, gets configured, so as to start motor driven actuator after receipt of correct electronic input.

The truth is that every locking method comes with its own pros and cons, which needs to be understood clearly. Physical keys like handheld remotes, key cards, and metal keys are prone to damage and getting lost. On the other hand, someone unknown might memorize or learn the numerical key codes or it can be forgotten. Whenever necessary the user can easily, quickly and effortlessly change the key codes. For those purely electronic based door locks, frequent power failures, trips, and outages can be a real pain, causing the doors to remain unlocked or locked until the restoration of electricity.

There can be found some combination of electronic and physical locking control on similar same door for the majority of the electronic door locks. For example, the physical key may be present for emergency backup and setup. However, the person may use keypad or remote to unlock and lock the door regularly. It offers extra convenience, comfort and enhanced safety, including greater functionality at all times.

Electric lock for glass door with sophisticated and advanced automated system can be remotely monitored and controlled. With cars, it means that the doors can be locked and unlocked, to start the engine or pop the engine away at a distance from the vehicle. In case, of businesses and homes, it means much more! It is possible to program the automated systems to lock doors during set times of the day for greater security. Smartphones, when downloaded with remote monitoring apps, do allow viewing of the premises from anywhere in the world to check all doors present and to close the unlocked ones remotely. During worse cases, the doors can be unlocked remotely to allow police and fire personnel to enter if any unwanted emergency situation occurs, when the whole family is away.

4, Making the right choice

It is necessary to understand that electronic frameless glass door electric lock is not offered with remote monitoring in every home security package. It is the reputed, cutting edge providers who can support such advanced automated functionality. Hence, it will be useful to do some research to find about the different types of sophisticated locks available in the market and buy them only from reputed and well-known companies to ensures enhanced safety of the place and to lead worry and tension-free life.

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